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Quick Look: Ōkami HD

2018-01-15 47:01 Quick Looks

Ōkami is just as beautiful as you remember. And also as long!

Quick Look: Opus Magnum

2018-01-15 09:46 Quick Looks

Some games make you feel smart, some games make you feel dumb, and Opus Magnum makes you feel both.

Unfinished: Fortnite - Battle Royale (01/14/2018)

2018-01-14 38:09 Quick Looks

Fortnite's Battle Royale has everything you could want: whimsy, crafting, and PUBG.

Quick Look: Finding Paradise

2018-01-12 45:58 Quick Looks

My dying wish is to have a wizard's beard and by golly I'm gonna see it through.

Stress Test Ultra Remix

2018-01-11 08:26 Features

We needed to wipe some equipment and wanted to make sure it all worked!

Jeff Gerstmann's Got That "Reno Energy"

2018-01-11 13:44

Jeff's managed to smuggle a trio of energy drinks in from out-of-state. Let's see how they fare!

Giant Bomb Spring Semester 2018

2018-01-11 58:58 Old Games

Please take your seats as our esteemed professors teach us several lessons about commerce, mathematics, and that it is not easy being cheasey.

Quick Look: Bridge Constructor Portal

2018-01-11 38:13 Quick Looks

Aperture Science is at it again, this time with more forklifts.

Giant Bombcast 514: Carpe Light Gun

2018-01-09 29:17 Giant Bombcast

Rorie pops in to talk about Jeff's Reno trip, the latest in VR and TV, some exciting website updates, a Ben check-in, X-Men on the Genesis, and recapturing the magic of arcade light gun games.

Quick Look: Shadowhand

2018-01-05 39:28 Quick Looks

When playing at cards fails to satisfy you can always just stab a fool.