Clothes Steamer with ETL Certificate, Handheld Portable Steamer with 200ml Capacity


Fabric Steamer

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  • SAFE TANK & SPOUT: Benefit from the steamer’s redesigned 200ml tank and spout that’ll prevent water leaking and excessive spouting; enjoy a safer steaming for both you and your clothes
  • Full Of Goodies For Easy Ironing: Benefit from a protective glove, a travel pouch to store and go, and a brush that’s resistant to high temperatures for a smoother ironing experience.
  • Unlimited Versatility: Safely iron all your clothes without fearing of ruining the fabric with an advanced steamer that’s delicate on all types of fibers.
  • Easy One-Button Operation: Ironing is easier than ever thanks to steamer that heats up in just 120 seconds and features a foolproof one-button design for extra ease of use.
  • BUILT-IN Safeguards: Enjoy extra safety while ironing with an ETL-certified fabric steamer that features both overheating and low water built-in safeguards.

Long Lasting 200ml Water Tank 

You know what makes ironing even more of chore? Having to pause every now and then to fill up the iron and not being able to get it done in one single go. This garment steamer optimizes its vast 200ml water capacity and provides up to 10 minutes of continuous steaming for a smoother ironing experience with less or no interruptions whatsoever.

The Ultimate Ironing Set 

Enjoy a fabric steamer that comes packed with plenty of accessories to help you out dealing with the chore of ironing. Benefit from a protective glove that offers an extra support and prevents burns, a travel pouch for easily carrying the steamer on business or leisure trips, and a brush that’ll withstand high temperatures to smoothen all wrinkles out without damaging your clothing.

Foolproof One-Button Design 

Take care of the most articulated pieces of your wardrobe without needing to bring them to the dry cleaning. The steamer is compatible with all kinds of fabric and its one-button operation makes making mistakes virtually impossible. Add some water, let it heat up for about 120 seconds, and press and hold the button to steam all creases out.

Overheating & Low Water Protections

This fabric steamer gives you extra peace of mind with an overheating safeguard that’ll keep the temperature under control, and the low water protection to automatically turn off the device when the water’s low.

What’s In the Box: 

1 x TaoTronics Garment Steamer (Model: TT-PI002)

1 x Waterproof Travel Pouch

1 x High Heat Resistant Brush

1 x Protective Glove

1 x User Guide

Additional information

Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in