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Candle making kit

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  • omankit 200ft / 610cm Spool Pre Bees waxed Candle Wicks,Coated With 100% Natural BeesWax,made of 100% Organic Hemp, Slow Burning, No Dripping. No lead, zinc or other metals,better taste than a butane lighter. With superb processing technology, No Black Smoking and Burning Stability when lit
  • Comes with 100 pcs Candle Wick Sustainer Tabs, and 100 Dots Double-Sided Wick Stickers,making it easy to fasten the wick sustainers to the candle holder
  • 1 Piece Stainless Wick Fixed Holder,perfect for holding your wicks in place
  • Please use wax or double-sided wick stickers to fix wick tab to the bottom of candle holder before filling the holder with the wax
  • BACKED by Homankit Money-Back Guarantee: All of Candle Making Kits are High-quality and Tested Rigorously.100% Refund If you are NOT satisfied with these Candle Making companions. No Questions, No Hassle. Buy Candle Making Kit for your kitchen with Confidence

Package Comes With:
✔200ft Spool Pre Bees Waxed Wicks with 100pcs Sustainer Tabs
✔100 dots Double-Sided Wick Stickers
✔1 Piece Stainless Wick Fixed Holder

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