DIY Modern Contemporary White Round Designer Lamp Shade


Scandinavian European Style Interior Design Light Shade

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  • Easy DIY : Assemble in 10 minutes. Make 15 type of Lamp Shade with 30 pcs module.
  • Feature : Soften the light and reduce direct light glare. Diffuse light to create soothing atmosphere. Shade color follows light color.
  • Material : 100% durable, washable, water proof and weather resistant high quality translucent Polypropylene sheet.
  • Ideal For: Living room, bed room, dining room, hallway, and outdoor patio
  • Suitable For: Use as lampshade or light shade on any lighting fixtures with LED, CFL or incandescent light bulb.

self assembly light system made of interlocking quadrilaterals. When assembled to an interlocking shape, it can be used to shade a standard bulb and socket. Lamps of many shapes and sizes can be assembled using the identical ZElight modules. 30 elements can make 2 small lamps (15 + 15 or 12 + 18) or 3 smaller lamps (9 + 9 + 12).

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 in